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The traditional hotel “allahou” is located in the northern site of Kastoria coast, within the limits of “Panagia Faneromeni” park, “isolated” at the heart of the city.There was an urban residence, of neoclassic style, which was built in 1926 by Antonios Sekros. In the year 1957, it was bought by the couple of Nikolaos and Eleni Gkika and has now come to hand of their inheritors.

“allahou” renovation was designed by the architect Dimitrios Tzimas, who had also the supervision of the whole project’s implementation, until it was completed on December of 2008.

The five double rooms of the traditional hotel incorporate a bathroom (including a hair dryer), a cable and a wireless internet, tv, a telephone as well as a mini bar. Their decorative style differentiates to each of them breathing an air and atmosphere of the 20th century tendencies on art and design.

Allahou Logo


18, Panagias Faneromenis str.
52100, Kastoria, Greece


tel: +30 24670-27058
E-mail: info@allahou.gr


Καθημερινές: 9πμ - 10μμ
Σαββατοκύριακα: 10πμ - 10μμ